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Virginie Rasmont (B.1991, Paris) has a profound love for colours, a passion inherited from her uncle and mother, who are both painters. She began creating art as a therapeutic tool for herself, then decided to share her artwork to help others ease their minds and nourish their souls. Virginie specialises in paper collage. Her work consists of cutting and assembling paper of different shapes and colours. Among many influences, three artists in particular have truly inspired her: Niki de Saint Phalle, Matisse, and Picasso. 

Virginie describes her art as, "spiritual art," as it is a way to express her thoughts about humanity and society. Her work is a philosophical reflection on universal and timeless themes such as femininity, the relationship to the body and to intimacy, alterity, love, and joy, to name a few.

Coming from a scientific background, Virginie has always loved to dissect, deconstruct, and analyse things under the microscope. She not only experiments with fragmentation, but also recomposes scenes, portraits, and everyday life situations. She plays with colours as a language of her emotions. For her, “color has no meaning for one's intellect, but has all power over one's sensibilities” (Delacroix).

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