This series titled Family is the logical continuation of the Love series.

Family is usually called “the blood ties”.

Every day in the world, on an average 380 000 new families are created thanks to a new birth. That is more than 4 new families every second. Isn’t that magical?

Having a child is said to be the most important and incredible moment in the life of a couple. When 1+1 becomes 3 and not 2 anymore, when the life circle becomes the life cycle.

I hope this series will be at the origin of new births.


Life is a succession of chapters. Birth, childhood, adolescence, adult life.

To me, childhood is the most delicate yet the simplest period of our life.
Delicate, as it is the moment when you absorb everything without being even aware that this will profoundly impact the adult you will become. Simple, because at that time, life is mainly about playing with legos, watching movies enjoying a never-ending summer break.

What I miss the most about childhood is this carelessness that I feel disappears when we become adults.

I hope this series will be a kind reminder for you that we must not forget the inner child within us.


This series titled Femininity has been my first. Femininity can be expressed in multiple ways and I choose to work on the body.

This precious body that is our ally and partner all along our life and sometimes quite surprisingly can become our enemy.
Why? I believe it is because of the complex and somewhat inexplicable relationship between our body and our mind.

It is said that 80% of the information comes from the body and is transmitted to the brain and only 20% comes from the brain to the body. An interesting ratio that is worth keeping in mind.

I hope this series will awaken the femininity that exists in each one of us.


We are social animals. Our purpose is to connect with each other. Human connection allows us to rise, grow, learn and inspire ourselves. It gives us warmth and precious energy when we feel down. It is the root of all encounters.

As the French philosopher Charles Pepin says in his book “La rencontre”: “Encounters - with lovers, friends or professionals - are not a “plus” in our lives. At the heart of our existence, whose Latin etymology ex- sistere means “to go out of oneself”, there is this movement towards the outside, this need to go towards others. This adventure of encounter is not without risk, but it has the taste of “real life”. Every true encounter is at the same time a discovery of oneself and a rediscovery of the world.”1

I hope that this series will be a call to (re)encounter people that you may have lost along the path of your life.

1. Translation of an extract from the summary of the book “La Rencontre” by Charles Pépin Allary editions on the site: Charles-Pepin-La-rencontre-une-philosophie


I have noticed that the happiest people on this earth not only share a natural appetite for life, but also have this incredible capacity to marvel at the simplest things surrounding them.

I like to call them “joy fishes” as they swim in the turbulent waters of life without being carried away by the current. They know their destination even though they don’t necessarily know how to get there.

We tend to say that we must balance things in our life, consume with moderation, not abuse. I think that joy is one of the rare things you can abuse of. The more you practice it, the more you want it. It is like a drug, except that you do not risk anything for your health. No risk of getting bored, being hurt, being disappointed. It is free. The more you receive it, the more you will spread it around you.

I hope this series will get you drunk with joy.


This series titled soul alignment is dedicated to all the people on this earth in search of just that. And I believe that there are many of them out there.

I often say that life is like a puzzle. Everything ends up finding its place. And it is when this is happening that you particularly feel aligned.

Even though it must not become an absolute quest, I like to remember what my favorite yoga teacher, Daria Romanova (and Marc Aurèle) used to say: “We must know why we are doing things. If it is not right, do not do it. if it is not true, do not say it.”

I hope this series will encourage you to find your soul alignment.